We all get stuck from time to time, so here are 5 top tips to get unstuck and boost your creativity!


❤ Go for a walk and get out in nature….research has shown that people tend to be more creative when they are moving and that activity boosts imagination. So if you are tied to a desk, try going out for a quick walk, maybe inspiration will strike?

❤ Keep a diary or try doing Morning Pages ( check out Julia Cameron’s Artists Way for more info). Writing a page of whatever crosses your mind ( like a brain dump) on waking can be calming and stimulates clearer thinking. I’ve been doing this since the New Year and have noticed an increase in productivity.

❤ Make regular time for yourself to see an exhibition, a film, read in the garden or see something that interests you. It can be something small, but little and often is key.

❤ Create a vision board, which could just be a Pinterest Board online. Fill it with anything and everything….hopes, dreams, goals, colours, houses, art, books, films, home decor, clothes, music…..basically whatever inspires you.

❤ Get together with others and share ideas online, in person at workshops and coffee mornings or with friends. Don’t be put off by other people seeming better than you; the chances are they feel exactly the same as you and will be inspired by your ideas too. Remember that creativity is contagious!!

Creatively stuck frustrated artistic hands