COFFEE CAKE CREATE – what’s that?  It’s a creative coffee morning that will give you space to breathe, connect with others and let your ideas rise to the surface. You don’t have to be “good at drawing”. It’s definitely not an art class or a workshop. Sure, engaging in something creative while you are there is important and I’m all over that – you can bring any project you are working on – whether that’s knitting, sewing, embroidery, sketching, drawing, writing – anything goes. I’m usually working on my latest project, collage or a page in an art journal. I am always on hand to help and you are welcome to use my materials.

BUT….’s so much more than that. If you want to come and hang out, chat, get inspiration from books, people, images and conversation – that is fine too. Most of the time, THIS is where the magic happens – when your best ideas come. It’s in the being rather than the doing.

It is the care and love for the attendees – “ ooh, my usual, coffee with one sugar please”.

It is the familiarity – “oh you’ve got my fave biscuits again, marvellous”.

It is a regular place to allow space for creativity – a routine.

It’s a pride, admiration and encouragement for each other’s efforts, boosting self confidence.

It’s the regular connection and the friendships.

It’s being part of a creative community.

It’s the sharing of ideas – “I love this music, where did you hear it? Where’s the best place to buy those paints? Have you seen the new exhibition at The Minories? What’s a good book for a summer holiday read?”

It’s the unknown and doing things you may not have tried on your own.

It’s the summer house, doors open, kettle on, a table, some materials out and a homemade cake …..sounds good right?

At the end of the day, we are social creatures. We look for context and connection in our lives. It’s not rocket science that creatively we are stronger together which is fundamental to our success. The key to COFFEE CAKE CREATE is showing up. Letting go of the expectation of an outcome or creating a masterpiece and trusting that the environment will ultimately foster creative ideas. They may come in the moment or they may come down the line – either way it’s a win.

Join us every Friday from March 15th 10am til 12 30pm in the garden studio. £10 for unlimited coffee and cake. BYO materials or you are welcome to use mine. Book your space by messaging me through Insta, Facebook or email and pay on the day with cash or card. I live in a busy little street but there is off road parking and I can put a visitors parking permit on when you arrive. I am quite central to town so also well placed for bus routes. I can’t wait to meet you!